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Feeling uninspired lately? How about the children in the house?

Updated: May 27, 2020

I know how you're feeling. Cooped up, wondering when you will get out of the house, or better yet, WHAT will you do with the children this summer to keep them occupied? Well look no further! We're launching the Inspired Muse Global Arts Academy's ONLINE SUMMER CAMP 2020! Broadway's Jarran Muse (Motown, the Musical, Ain't Too Proud, Irving Berlin's White Christmas) is teaming up with featured directors and industry professionals to create and facilitate four 2 week online camp sessions in Musical Theater, Acting for Film/TV/Media, and Creative Writing. Each day will start and end with mindfulness exercises. We will be meditating to center ourselves and allow our minds to open, followed by yoga/fitness to get the rest of our bodies alert and ready to give and receive inspiration! Meditation, Fitness, Nutrition, and Art? Who could ask for anything more?!

We will kick things off officially on June 15, 2020, but we are looking for 10 gifted youngsters to audition for our free 2 day focus group, and a chance to win one of several scholarships for our summer courses. Will your child be one of our Muse's? Check out Inspired Muse Global Arts Academy, and see how we can inspire each other.

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